The high performance features of a Green built home provide for improved health, safety, comfort, and lower operating costs. Green built homes are the socially responsible alternative to conventionally built homes. The performance aspects of Green Building translate to lower operating costs for homeowners. Key components of Green built homes can be segmented into the following categories:

  • Energy efficiency. These features include ENERGY STAR┬« rated appliances, windows and water and space heating systems.
  • Water efficiency. These features include low-flow showerheads, faucets and toilets. ENERGY STAR dishwashers and washing machines, in addition to conserving energy, also conserve water.
  • Resource efficiency. The house should be built with products and materials that contain renewable materials, such as rapidly-renewable wood species, and recycled-content materials in carpets, tiles, drywall and concrete formulations.
  • Indoor environmental quality. The heating, air conditioning and ventilation system (HVAC) must be appropriately sized for an efficient and properly ventilated home. A continuously running fan cycles air throughout the house. Low VOC paints and finishes are used as well.

The combination of these features results in lower energy bills and lower costs of occupancy.