Green Building

Save Money, Live Comfortably in a Montgomery & Rust Home

Green Building has received a great deal of attention lately. At Montgomery & Rust, we have been utilizing Green Building techniques for many years. In 2005, we received a Silver award for a home in the NAHB’s Energy Value Housing Award competition. This was a judged competition in different climate areas for the most energy efficient house. In the same year, an additional home received an ENERGY STAR label. The Energy Star home was built using the same techniques used to construct all of our homes. In 2009, we received a Gold rating from the National Association of Homebuilders Green Building Certification program for a house we built at Summerset at Frick Park. Again, we utilized the same building techniques for this house that we use for all of the homes we build.

Green Built Homes Defined

Green homes minimize environmental impact by incorporating environmental considerations into every step of the building process. Green built homes are high performance homes that maximize resource efficiency, specifically in the areas of energy, water materials and land use. Green homes exceed the requirements of the building code and maximize the indoor environmental quality.